Dear Prospective Member,

Our Meetings are activity based.  In winter, those activities focus on learning horse management and in the summer they focus on riding through mounted lessons, clinics, workdays and eventing shows.  We have sponsor meetings a few times annually to determine club direction, budget and needs, as well as to vote for local board members.

Lessons are provided free of charge to our members with the funds raised from our events.  The riding year usually begins in late April or early May as weather permits.  Throughout the summer and into the fall, we hold weekly mounted lessons for the club riders as well as a mixture of fun events such as vaulting, polocrosse and fox hunting.  In July of 2017, we will be sending qualifying members to Kentucky for the United States Pony Club National Championships. Members and sponsors do all the work for these activities and events-everyone participates equally to make it all happen.  It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun and our kids grow in amazing ways through the experience.

Depending on the success of our fundraisers, one Show (sometimes two) and one Rally entry are given free to each pony club member during the year as a thank you for all the hard work families do for the fundraisers.

Clinics are days that we host horse professionals to train our members in specific skills.  Clinic costs are often subsidized for club members, and if we have extra spaces available, we allow other in the eventing community to pay the full cost to attend.

We hold three annual Events as fund raisers.  The Chicken Event, held at the end of May, is a one day, three phase schooling show held at Golden Spike with dressage, show jumping and cross country.  Our club members organize it and we work all areas of the event to provide a fun competition and learning experience for our members and the eventing community at large.  We use the funds raised to provide for maintenance of the Golden Spike Course and for club lessons, activities and events.  The Golden Spike Horse Trials (a 2 day nationally rated event) is the second fundraiser of the year and when possible we hold a third event in the fall called the Pumpkin Event (also a schooling show).

Workdays occur a few times each year.  During these, our club gathers at the Golden Spike Cross Country Course to maintain and prepare it for the three annual fundraising shows.  On the workdays, we work- HARD.  Members, sponsors, friends and willing family members attend.  We invite the whole eventing community–but often it is just our club doing the work. Everyone leaves horses home and brings their gloves, rakes, weed eaters and other tools and we build, repair, move and paint jumps as well as trimming weeds and working the ground to prepare safe footing.  It’s hard and fun.  We love working together!

Pony Club members pay Annual Dues to both the national, regional and local organization.  While the dues are greater  in comparison to other youth organizations, the members get many, many benefits for free that would otherwise be very costly.

I hope this gives you a bit of a picture of the club.


Christa Frickel